Brand New Day, and only 8 days remaining!!!

Hello, world!

I am in a MUCH better mood today!!  Besides the fact that I couldn’t really sleep last night, I woke up this morning much calmer than I was last night (a big plus).  I was resigned to the fact that I would spend $1500 on a new computer today, and while the negatives were that I lost a day of writing, I got a new computer and it would last a long time.. and I would back it up every second of every day (maybe a little overly dramatic…).

SO, I got dressed, grabbed my boyfriend’s laptop to do SOMETHING today, and went to the Dissertation House.  I made my goals for the week (which I will post in a little while), and grabbed my Mac and drove to the Apple store… where they told me that I didn’t need to buy a new computer!!  How AWESOME is that?!  The guy that was helping me out was SUPER nice, too!!  He brought my computer to the back room, and was able to see my files on my computer, so he was able to burn a disk with the ONE DOCUMENT that I had worked on yesterday, so all I needed to do was re-import the references to my library!!!! 😀 😀  He told me that all I needed was a new hard drive, which was a) $176 at the apple store, and b) the only one he had was twice the size of my old one (YAY), AND he told me that if I went to Best Buy, I could buy one there for half the price and he would still install it for me!

Well, I didn’t go the BestBuy route, and I told him just to install it with the apple hard drive and I would pay for it.  To be honest, I had no desire to drive all over Kingdom-come for a hard drive to drive back to the apple store to wait for a chance to talk to him again to install it for me.  Nope.  My time is way more valuable, and I think paying a little bit more for a certified part and NOT having to drive everywhere and waste my time is well worth it.

So he installed it and didn’t charge me labor (DOUBLE YAY!), and the total ended up being $187.  I am sooooo happy!  AND I found out that I WAS smart enough to back up my computer on Friday after I had finished up Chapter 2 (smart me!), so all I was really missing was that one doc… which I got back… and the references 🙂

So here I am, back in the DH, with my computer completely installed back to my original settings with all of my documents, and I’ve already found and imported all of the documents into EndNote today!  WOOHOO!  Soooo happy!

*HUGE sigh of relief!*

So now, back to business!  I made my list of goals for the week this morning.  They were (with updates):

  1. Fix/Buy a new computer 😦
  2. Rewrite 3 pages of intro/BG for Chapter 4 that I lost -NO NEED!  But I did import the lost references!
  3. Finish writing intro/BG to Chapter 4
  4. Start writing BG/Intro to Chapter 3 (at least 3-4 pages)
  5. Update at least 2 pages of Chapter 1

My main goals for today were goals 1 and 2, and those are already accomplished!  WOOHOO!!  So now, on to focusing on writing!  sweeeeeeeeeet!  Only a little more than a week… that’s all I need to do..

Just keep swimming… Just keep… writing 😛

I know I didn’t end yesterday with a quote, so I will remedy that now, because I found the best one yesterday (before my harddrive crashed…):

(Real Simple Daily Thought 7/9/2012)

So that means, keep calling yourself Doctor So-and-So, and then finish that dissertation to be able to call yourself that 🙂

Goals for tomorrow:

  1. Finish writing up chapter 4 intro/BG
  2. Look over Chapter 4, edit results sections where needed
  3. Send Chapter 4 to Twinny (if complete) 🙂

Til Tomorrow, world!





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2 responses to “Brand New Day, and only 8 days remaining!!!

  1. Carlos

    I’m so proud of you!!!!
    Keep going!!!

  2. Glad to hear your computer mishap is resolved, that you prioritized your time, and that you are charging ahead!! Excited to hear that you are so close now.

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