Moving the chains

Hello, world,

I’m exhausted!  I worked furiously today, trying to finish up Chapter 4 to the best of my abilities, and I think I succeeded!

I wrote the rest of the intro/BG, printed out the chapter, edited (well, at least to the best of my abilities!), and sent it off to my personal editor.  WOOHOO progress!  Able to check one more item off of my weekly goal list!

I also had a mini-panic attack during lunch, because I looked at my calendar, and realized that I had to finish writing in 7 days, make up my presentation, practice and send to the interviewer in 11 days, and be interview-ready in 14 days.  AUGHHHHHH!!!!!  *panic panic freak out freak out*


And then I got back in front of my computer and wrote furiously.  At one point, I got stuck, trying to find the “right” reference, but ended up thinking that I was wasting my time, so just WROTE and I’ll find the reference that I was thinking of later…

The Commons is only open until 6 today, so I will be packing up shortly and heading to my office.  I have a couple of things that I want to print out, and I need to get my Chapter 3 papers together to be able to start working on the intro/BG tomorrow and switch them with my chapter 4 papers.

I also want to work up one reaction and write in my notebook tonight before I leave for home.

Tomorrow, I am going to start working on the Chapter 3 BG/Intro.  Goals:

  1. Write “Gemcitabine” section, with references
  2. Write “Challenges of Chemotherapy” section, with references

I’m *hoping* to start AND finish the intro/BG to Chapter 3 tomorrow, if not MOST of it.  High ambitions, but I need to get this document done.  I’m starting to get concerned about my interview!!  EEEPP!

To all the DHers out there in DH land, good luck with your goals, and I know you’re getting it done!

Quote for today:  (Real Simple Daily Thought 7/10/2012)





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One response to “Moving the chains

  1. Patti PhD

    You are almost there! The pressure is unbelievable…just keep working and before you know it, it’s over. So proud of the way you handled the near crisis you had with your laptop. Way to go, girl!

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