Good evening, world!

I am on a ROLLLLLLLL!!!  I am so proud of myself – I’m moving right along now!  I started AND completed the Chapter 3 intro/BG section today!  WOOHOOOO!!!  AND I sent it off to Twinny for editing 😀

This is great place to be in: to feel the pressure of having to finish, but not so much that it’s completely crushing.  (Stress level: 6-7 out of 10!)

Tomorrow, I am going to focus on my final goal for the week, which is updating at least 2 pages of Chapter 1, the REAL introduction to the project!  I already know that I have some overlapping information that I wrote in the intros/BG of Chapters 2-4, and I need to update the information that I have in there with more current articles, etc.

With any luck, I will finish Chapter 1 tomorrow (although unlikely!).

I hope everyone else had a productive day today!  Tomorrow is the final Day 4 of DH (my last day of DH EVER! *tear*), so let’s make it count!  Who’s with me?!

Remember Dr. C-V’s words:

A GOOD dissertation is a DONE dissertation!


Quote for today:  “Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture.” -Lydia M. Child





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2 responses to “GETTING IT DONE!

  1. Carlos

    I’m with you!!!!

  2. wendycarterphd

    Good for.
    You do we get a chance to meet at all

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