Current Status of Dissertation, only 5 days to go!

**Updated August 6, 2012**


Good evening, world!

Well, here it is, the last day of the DH!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to focus as much as I had wanted to today because of the personal events that have happened in my life.  However, I was able to get some things done:

  1. Opened a new document and made a more detailed outline for Chapter 1
  2. Dragged and dropped the information that I had for chapter 1 under the appropriate headings in the outline (does that satisfy my requirement for “updating 2 pages of chapter 1?”  SURE, why not?)
  3. Printed off all documents (not in template form), hole-punched, and placed into binder.
  4. Looked at current status (in terms of % complete) of each section of dissertation (listed below)
  5. Made myself feel better by realizing how much I have written so far (77 total double-spaced pages of WRITING, and about 5 total single-spaced pages of references!!!  WOW!!!!!!!!)  And I’m not even CLOSE to being done with Chapters 1 or 3, and there’s still some work left to be done with Chapters 5 and 6 😉
  6. Spoke with Dr. CV and discussed a more definitive timeline for the final 42 days before my defense! (see below)

I’m very happy, excited, nervous, and emotional about everything that is happening.  I’m almost done.. let me repeat that:




In 42 days, I will be Dr. Grow 🙂  How EXCITING is that?!  I cannot wait…

Tonight, I am going to go home, relax as best as I can, and have dinner with a couple of friend and my boyfriend.  I’m determined to make this a nice evening, even without our little kitty hostess 😦

Tomorrow, I will be heading to Carlos’s home to start/continue writing Chapter 1.  No pool for me tomorrow – I need to buckle down and get Chapter 1 written.  I won’t have any time to work on Sunday, since I will be driving to and from Pittsburgh that day, but Monday through Wednesday will be big-time working days!  EEK!

To everyone who has joined us these past 4 days at the DH, near and far, I hope you found it very helpful.  Good luck to all of you, and remember, a little writing per day keeps the overwhelming feeling of not finishing away!  😉

To those of you who did NOT join us for the DH, feel free to blog on the Summer 2012 site:

Post as you need, and don’t feel like you need to post everyday, twice a day, or even once a week!  Post when you need help, want to write out your goals, or even if you want to vent!  This is a great community, and we are ALL going through the same thing!

Quote for today: (Real Simple Daily Thought 7/13/2012)

So true!  Til tomorrow!



Here it is, so far.  The information in parentheses are what is done or what is yet to be completed.

Abstract: 99% (final edits)

Acknowledgements: 99% (final edits)

Dedication: 95% (final edits)

Chapter 1: 20%** Working on this until next Wednesday at most!

Chapter 2: 90-95% (Intro/BG done, need one more data point, which will lead to one more paragraph, +need edits)

Chapter 3: ~50-60% (Intro/BG done, failed results organized, need results from one more experiment before completely writing up results)

Chapter 4: 90% (Intro/BG done, one to two more experiments needed before finished)  – UPDATE:  Need to still work on some final experiments in the upcoming weeks, but in general, I am 95% done 🙂

Chapter 5: 75% (Future work done, but no references, need to write up conclusions after experiments are done)

Chapter 6: 55-60% (need the final experiments that worked in chapters 3 and 4 before completing)


With the help from Dr. CV today, I also put a more definitive time line on what is left to complete:

By July 18 (5 days away!): Complete Chapter 1

July 19-20: Make up presentation

July 21 (AM): Practice

July 23-28, with the exception of July 25: Lab work


July 30-August 1: Final writeups in dissertation and edits

August 2-3 (AM): Drag and drop chapters into template

August 3 (PM): Give dissertation to readers

August 6-10: Fill out grad school forms; Revise presentation as needed

August 10: Turn in Grad School forms; Give dissertation to committee

August 13-17: Practice presentation

August 20-22: ACS Conference (?)

August 23: Calm down; place copy of presentation on desktop of presentation computer

August 24: SHOW TIME!

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