Rough Start to the Last Day of DH

Good morning, world,

Last night was really rough.  Like, woah.  My boyfriend and I came home last night to find the side door cracked open… now, nothing was stolen, and it wasn’t a break-in… the door wasn’t latched properly and one of our cats figured out how to push the door open and got out… we couldn’t find her last night, and we were both really tore up about it.  Neither one of us slept well, but we were wide awake this morning.  Luckily, my boyfriend has the day off today, so he will be trying to find her.  Unluckily, it looks like it’s about to rain.  There is a local company called “Dogs Finding Dogs,” and they find other pets than just dogs.  We called them this morning, but noone picked up… I’m hoping that they get our message and call us back soon.  My boyfriend is taking this much harder than I am, but let it be known that I am not taking this well in the least bit..

What a rough, EMOTIONAL week this has been.

But I am here at the DH, getting ready to focus, trying to calm down, and write and update Chapter 1.  I’m going to try to throw myself into work, and check the Craigslist lost and found site for any possible sighting… sigh…

Good luck to everyone working this morning!  Make it count!!



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One response to “Rough Start to the Last Day of DH

  1. Carlos

    Dear Daughter,
    Just keep going!!! I will be working during the weekend at home..the usual: wake up- coffee -write – pool – eat – write – pool – write…..
    Let me know if you want to join!

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