Writing is DONE! 16 Days left to Edit!!

Good morning, all!

YES, as listed in my blog earlier, the bulk of my writing is DONE!!  I still have experiments left to do, so I will need to update the document as I go, but in general, the hardest parts are DONE!  FINI!  TERMINADO!!  GOTOWY!!!  (yay google translate!)  My reward for finishing was Rita’s last night with my boyfriend, and taking my time this morning while getting ready 🙂  It’s nice every so often to not have to rush!

But the key part is that I’m here at work – no day off, no time off, I still have things that need to get done!  I had a mini celebration last night, but I still have goals and cannot afford to waste time!

New Countdowns started:

  • 0 days until my writing is due!!
  • 2 days until my presentation needs to be completed (to have time to practice!)
  • 7 days until my interview!!
  • 16 days to edit before handing over to my readers!!
  • 23 days before I submit to my committee!!
  • 44 days until my goal of finishing final edits, paperwork, etc, is due
  • 45 days until I leave for Florida as my graduation gift!!

AHHHHHHHH!!!!  So many days!!!  But NEVER ENOUGH TIME!!

Plan for edits:

  1. Get back chapter 2 from editor,
  2. Make edits/corrections
  3. Hand over to advisor
  4. Repeat for Chapters 1, 3, 4 and 5!

Goals for today (No day off for me!!  Need to get the presentation done!):

  1. Choose background for presentation (VERY IMPORTANT!)
  2. Import all figures from dissertation into presentation.
  3. Go through old presentations, verify anything that I might have missed.
  4. Mail expense report
  5. Make appointment for a massage 🙂

Here we go!!  Let’s GET IT DONE!



Margaret 🙂


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